UnEarthed – Collective Imagination Workshop @ The Bleaching Field Centre

10:30 am - 2:30 pm May 7, 2022
Join us for an interactive workshop exploring what our relationships to our local landscapes could be beyond our lifetime.

About this event

During the session we’ll share our ideas and visions for the future, unearthing these through creative activities that help us to build capacity to collectively imagine new futures.

Our communities and ways of life have shaped, and been shaped by, the living landscapes around us. We face uncertain challenges in the future which provides us with opportunities to reimagine different ways of being.

By bringing together people who are connected to the land around them, as well as local decision makers, we’ll identify the actions we could take now to achieve our longer term hopes, for our communities and for generations to come.

Run by Bristol-based creative practitioners and facilitators Lukus Robbins and Roseanna Dias from Unearthed - an initiative created to explore flourishing future relationships between rural communities and nature. In 2022, we are travelling to meet with communities throughout Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

The workshop will be 4 hours long, including breaks, and there will be up to 20 workshop places. Fresh local food will be provided. Please let us know about any dietary requirements or any access needs when you book.

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