The Black Agnes Award Ceremony
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm June 10, 2022

An award ceremony and live music performance will take place in the Battery for the first annual Black Agnes Award for Outstanding Female Contribution to Dunbar.

The annual award will recognise modern women from Dunbar who have made valuable contributions to the community. In memory and celebration of Black Agnes, who kept English invaders at bay for six months in 1338 while Dunbar castle was under siege and is the only reason this remains a Scottish town.

Miss Gael Curran, who initiated and is organising the event, said’ I feel that it is important to remember this incredible feat and honour her brave and unyielding spirit with an annual celebration of Black Agnes and the women in our community today who make life in Dunbar better.”
The event will feature female artists from Dunbar, including The Honey Farm and hopefully local choir Dunbar Sings, as well as prize giving ceremony for the winners.

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