Talk: A Fisherman’s Life
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm June 1, 2022

A fascinating presentation & talk with Barry Brunton, local Dunbar fisherman and owner of Lynsey B, on a Fisherman's Life.

The launching of the ‘Lynsey B’ has been a highlight of this year at Dunbar Harbour. Brand, spanking, new boats are a rarity in these times and Barry can tell you the highs and lows of boatbuilding. He will talk about the 'Lynsey B' story, his family history at Dunbar Harbour, what he does when onshore, and the challenges of the stormy North Sea. Take the opportunity to ask Barry about the fishing world and, if you fancy a fisherman’s life, what opportunities there might be for you!

You will also be given the opportunity to view our exhibition ‘A Celebration of Dunbar’s Fishing’ and the fabulous 'Tide & Time' art & photography competition entries.

The Dunbar Harbour Trust warmly welcomes you!


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