Surf Module Course @ Dolphin Inn

10:00 am - March 7, 2024

The aim of this module is to upskill accredited Flat Water SUP Coaches with the competencies to develop surf skills in a beginning SUP student. This manual sets the standard for risk management, equipment and skill development requirements to effectively teach students in the surf, with waves no bigger than 3ft.

As the general principles of SUP coaching have already been covered in the Flat Water course, we are primarily concerned with the skills and safety involved in SUP surf instruction.

We will meet in the Dolphin Inn in Dunbar for 10am and aim to finish for 6pm. It will be split between classroom and water experience.


After completing this module you should be able to:

Identify conditions required for a safe beginner SUP lesson in the surf

Conduct a venue analysis and produce a lesson plan for a beginner SUP lesson in the surf

Identify appropriate equipment for a beginner SUP lesson in the surf

Instruct the beginner regarding SUP equipment requirements, parts and functions

Recognise the core skills required for a SUP surf beginner

Identify common errors and correction methods when instructing in the ocean

Understand and explain the surf etiquette


Course Cost: £275

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