RNLI Mayday Mile

10:00 am - 3:00 pm May 11, 2024
Dunbar Town Centre
Dunbar’s lifeboat volunteers are ready to spring into action for this year’s RNLI Mayday Mile.
Emulating the efforts of our volunteers from yesteryear, who had to launch lifeboats by human or horse power, our crew will be pushing our D-class inshore lifeboat for a mile on Saturday 11 May.
Our volunteers will push the lifeboat on its trailer from Dunbar Harbour, along the High Street towards East Beach and back to the harbour. In the days before tractor launchers, or the mooring we enjoy at Torness Power Station, volunteers had to push lifeboats to launch from Dunbar or Skateraw or use horse power. The last horse-drawn launch was in 1909.
Our crew will be conducting our symbolic ‘launch’ in full yellow gear from 9am-11am and will be joining our fabulous fundraising team who will be conducting a street collection around the town on the same day between 10am-3pm.
Last year Dunbar’s lifeboats launched over 100 times for service calls and training. All of this couldn't be possible without voluntary donations to supply the funds needed to do this. As a charity, we rely on the generous support of members of the public to continue this lifesaving work.
And Mayday is our own call for help.
To support our volunteers’ fundraiser come and support our teams on Saturday or visit:
All of our street collectors will have RNLI identification.
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