Remembering Together: East Lothian Evocative Objects
6:00 pm - August 31, 2022
The Bleachingfield Centre
Countess Crescent
Dunbar, EH42 1DX

This activity is design to help people reflect on their experiences of the pandemic and to establish what memorial means for the people of East Lothian.

You are invited to bring to the workshop an object that has special meaning for you that may relate to a special relationship, community, time or place in your life.

Following discussions around the meanings behind the objects, they will be arranged and photographed on a plinth, inviting wider discussions on meaning making and emotional memory. You will be invited to make an audio recording of the story behind your object.

There will be opportunities to reflect on people’s experiences of the pandemic, discussions about meaning making, emotional memory and recorded stories of the meaning of objects which help to establish what memorial means for the community.

Tickets: Free

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