Live “Up The Close”: Just John & Paul Beatles Tribute & Party Night
8:00 pm - 11:59 pm December 23, 2022

Just John and Paul....two Beatles, two brothers....Glen and Dean.Both passionate about The Beatles.They've been in the music business for over 25 years and performed in Beatles tributes since 1995.They formed the duo in 2001 and are the longest running tribute in the world to Lennon and McCartney and have performed at Wembley (2 x FA Cup finals) and your local bowling club!The show isn't merely an impersonation of The's also the feel of The Beatles!The excitement, the attitude – that cheeky, flippant confidence – that irreverent humour!Just John and Paul are immersed in the art of entertainment, coming from an award winning musical family that is also versed in musical theatre...performing, producing and, most importantly, entertaining – therefore Glen and Dean are at home onstage. Their chatty, informal style of the inbetween song banter and the bold confident stances, so reminiscent of Lennon and McCartney will remind you that these two are professionals!Then, even more importantly, there's the sound of these two on stage!Close your eye's and you'd swear there was a live four-piece band in front of you!Glen and Dean are playing, note for note, exactly what Lennon and McCartney played onstage and on the records – LIVE!You'll ask about the track they play along to!Dean, who has been a drummer since he was 13 years old...and is also a brilliant lead guitarist...committed to disc the amazing backing track you hear!Recorded using an exact replica of Ringo's kit (the same dimensions, even the same colour!) and the same guitars that George used - the Gretsch Duojet, the Country Gent and the Rickenbacker 360/12 all put through through our vintage 1962 Vox AC30!The suits and boots, even though they were bought as “exact replicas” were tailored even further to match the originals!Horses for courses – everyone has their favourite Beatles member...and everyone has their own favourite Beatles tribute! Different nuances per band.We hope you find a lot of them are brought together in the show that is...Just John and Paul!


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