Fire Warden/Marshall Course

10:30 am - 1:30 pm December 1, 2022
2 Queen's Road
Dunbar, EH42 1JZ

This course is designed to comply with fire safety legislation and enable small, medium sized and large businesses to comply with the requirements to train staff and appoint trained fire wardens as part of a progressive fire safety strategy. It is designed to equip participants with a clear understanding of how to function effectively in the important role of fire warden.

The thee hour course costs £30 per person. Contact Jo on 07789 432275 to book or email

The course is organised by the Dunbar Trades Association.

Course Objectives

The course has 4 key learning objectives: - participants will therefore on completion:

1.    Have developed a clear understanding of the role, duties and responsibilities of the fire warden and know how to function in this important role.

2.    Fully understand the role of fire warden and their responsibility for raising fire awareness and managing fire prevention.

3.    Fully understand how to act and what to do in the event of a fire emergency.

4.    Fully understand the duties of fire warden for both safe evacuation and controlling the assembly point.

Course Contents

The Legal Requirements

The Triangle of Fire

Causes of Fire

Methods of Fire Spread

Fire Safety Awareness in the Workplace

General Good Housekeeping

Actions to be taken in the Event of a Fire

Actions to be taken on Hearing the Fire Alarm

Classes of Fire

Identification and Means of Operation of Fire Extinguishers

Responsibilities of a Fire Warden/Marshall

Checking Fire Fighting Equipment

Escape Routes and Their Importance

Fire Safety Signage

Testing/Maintenance of Fire Alarm, Emergency Lights and Fire Suppression Systems as applicable

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