Escape Challenge Dunbar

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm March 29, 2024
Hello everyone we are about to play our second game in Dunbar.
Our rules almost the same :
You should have a Team : 4~6 people
You are up for : challenges, teamwork, problem-solving, riddles…
Where : start point will in Dunbar (closer to the game we will text about place bcs we haven’t decided yet)
When : 29th of March ( Friday) 16:30-17:30(time could change a little bit)
Duration : Game up to one hour
Register by link please -
( we have limit of teams, pls if u are not sure about taking part , don’t have to apply, thanks)
❗️One rule : you have to join WhatsApp group on game day ( all riddles will be there)
*The game is similar to escape room ( but better)
**free fee
    our dunbar