Cyclical Being Yoga Workshop

10:00 am - 12:30 pm June 4, 2022
The Yoga Den
Old Auction Mart
East Linton, EH40 3DN
Saturday 4th of June @theyogaden
10-12.30pm (tea and wee treats included).
Shout out to all the people close enough to come join me in person on this initiatory journey.
We will be exploring Redschool's teachings of the menstrual cycle. Diving into cycle tracking, embodied movement and the powers of the 4 seasons within our cycle to unravel your unique inner rhythm.
'It has the power to lead you Home to Yourself. And to bring our world to balance. These teachings will initiate you into your full authority and dignity. They’ll reveal your ‘Inner Seasons’ as your own personal self-care coach. You’ll be able to better pace your energy, calm your nervous system, channel spiritual forces…and most of all...achieve a deep sense of belonging to Life itself.' Redschool.
The cost for this event is £25 per person. Tickets can be booked by PM/ 07840572057 /email Louise-
If you have any questions please be in touch. 
With Love Louise ♥
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